Posted on 24 June 2015

Power Wrench ensures quick opening of vital bypass valve

The Power Wrench is the ideal tool for quickly opening and closing manual valves. A striking example of the benefits of the tool is provided by a refinery, where the Power Wrench is used to ensure quick operation of a vitally important manual bypass valve on a filter system.

Quickly opening manual valve of vital importance

The refinery pumps water from a nearby river into their cooling systems. In order to prevent all kinds of debris (such as pieces of nets, plastic, fish and shells) to enter the cooling system, a filter is being used. When the filter gets obstructed with debris, a bypass valve needs to be opened quickly (within 5 to 10 minutes), ensuring the continuous availability of fresh cooling water. If the bypass valve cannot be opened within 10 minutes, consequences for the entire production process can be disastrous.

Power Wrench Drive plate with custom made tube

a custom made tube allows the Drive Plate to be bolted directly to the valve’s hand wheel

The large 36″ gate valve was initially equipped with a 1:20 ratio gearbox in order to avoid user fatigue and injuries related to operating large manual valves. With the gearbox in place however, 1.600 rotations were now needed to fully open or close the valve, which resulted in opening times largely exceeding the time limit of 10 minutes…

Valve opened within 2 minutes by using Power Wrench

In order to guarantee fast manual operation of the valve without using a gearbox, the Netherlocks Power Wrench is now successfully being applied. It allows the valve to be operated quickly (within 2 minutes) and avoids strained backs, sore muscles and user fatigue.

Power Wrench used on a large bypass gate valve

Custom-made adaptation of Drive Plate

The Drive Plate of the Power Wrench, which connects the tool to the valve, is normally bolted directly onto the valve’s hand wheel, keeping the valve completely intact. As the spindle of the valve had a particularly large diameter of 77 mm, a custom made tube was welded to the Drive Plate, allowing the Drive Plate to be bolted directly to the valve’s hand wheel.

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