Posted on 11 November 2014

New Power Wrench distributor in Nigeria

Netherlocks appointed Atlantic Bluewater in Port Harcourt, Nigeria as local Power Wrench distributor. Atlantic Bluewater is an integrated engineering, maintenance and procurement services company in the upstream, mid Stream and down stream sectors of the Nigeria oil and gas economy. The company owns its own workshop, but most maintenance and repair jobs are performed on site.
Atlantic Bluewater is primarily a solution driven company, focused on providing technically robust and cost effective solutions to meet the needs of its clients. In order to meet clients’ requirements, Atlantic Bluewater holds an extensive inventory of rental equipment and also offers the same equipment for sale. The Power Wrench is a welcome addition to its extensive portfolio of high performance tools.

Atlantic Bluewater is the official Power Wrench distributor in Nigeria

Increase efficiency and reduce operator strain

From their own site service experience, the people from Atlantic Bluewater recognize the value of the Power Wrench. Specifically during turnarounds and shutdowns a lot of valves need to be operated in a short time span.The Power Wrench will help Atlantic Bluewater to drastically reduce the time lost with such operations, increasing their efficiency and reducing operator strain. By using the tool to their own advantage, Atlantic Bluewater is sure to easily convince their customers of the value of the Power Wrench. End users, observing the convenience offered by the Power Wrench, will certainly be eager to integrate the tool in their daily operations.

Startup stock

Atlantic Bluewater has already purchased initial startup stock. Since short lead times are vital to their customers, they’re committed to of the shelve delivery. Their sales strategy is to have always the tool with them and use it in their operations as they do a lot of shutdowns. Mostly their requests for purchase of products come from there and then they need to be able to deliver immediately to the customer so stock is key.