Posted on 1 May 2015

Netherlocks wins HALMA Innovation Award 2015

During the  2015 edition of the Halma Innovation and Technology Exposition (HITE), the Innovation Award for Best Process was awarded to us. We won this edition’s Best Process award for our Internship Innovation Program.  The structural embedding of this internship program into Netherlocks’ R&D and business development functions was highly valued and recognized by the HITE 2015 participants, who selected the award winners by voting.

Netherlocks reaches first place in HALMA competition

Increased innovation power, high levels of creativity by diversity, multiple backgrounds and competences, the agile use of these and having ‘a fresh view in’, typically where aspects as mentioned and valued.

Innovation excellence

“The ultimate goal of the Internship Innovation Program is to reach Innovation Excellence”, explains Stefan van Diessen, NPD/R&D Director at Netherlocks. “We have managed to integrate top class talent into our organisation. These highly educated young professionals are often at the basis of breakthrough innovations. The program also creates great spill over effects of creativity”.