Posted on 3 November 2014

Required information for lock orders – Valve topwork information

In order to start the execution of valve interlock orders Netherlocks engineering department needs specific information on valve topwork.

Add-on products

Valve interlocks are add-on products that are installed without making any adjustments to the valve or gearbox. Mounting materials of valve interlocks are custom made, based on specific dimensions of the valve or gearbox. A customized bracket connects the lock to the valve or gearbox and a customized adapter connects the stem of the valve to the internal mechanism of the interlock.

Installation of a valve interlock

Fill-in sheets, indicating the different required dimensions, are available in our download section or can be supplied by our engineering department.

The required information can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Measured by Netherlocks service engineers, on customer site or in the Netherlocks workshop.
  • Measured by the customer, using our fill-in sheets.
  • Requested from the valve supplier

Netherlocks can assist with obtaining the valve data from the valve suppliers.

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