Posted on 16 January 2015

How to safely operate the Power Wrench?

When working with industrial tools such as the Power Wrench, always make sure to comply with safe operating procedures. The following guidelines explain how to safely safely use the Power Wrench portable valve actuator.

Lower the speed when reaching end positions

In order to adhere to safe operations and minimize the effect of impact, it is advised to reduce the speed (by using the throttle) towards the final open or close position of the valve. Similarly to driving a car, you slow down when arriving a stop sign.

Stand on the correct side of the tool

When operating the Power Wrench, always make sure to stand on the correct side of the tool. This is indicated by a sticker on the tool. The correct position is on the left side when opening valves and on the right side when closing valves. This way, the tool will move away from the operator when it reaches the end position.

Safety lever and sticker indicating the correct position

An integrated safety lever and a sticker showing the correct operating positions enhance safe operation

Built in safety measures

As a general guideline, the operator should always adhere to common safety precautions that exist when working with industrial tools. In order to stimulate (and enforce) safe use, the Power Wrench has been designed with a number of standard built-in safety measures.

Enforced 2-hands operation

In order to enforce ‘2-hands operation’, the Power Wrench is equipped with in integrated safety lever, that always needs to be engaged in order for the Power Wrench to function. When one of the two hands is removed (for instance when the operator feels he loses control), the Power Wrench will automatically stop.

500 NM torque max; operator is always in control

To guarantee safe operation, the Power Wrench is restricted at 500 NM of torque, at the maximum air supply pressure, with fully opened throttle. In normal operations, the Power Wrench runs at 240-500 NM. In this range, the torque level is settable by reducing the air supply pressure with the Netherlocks Protection Skid. With a Power Wrench tool length of 1 meter, this implies that 24 to 50 kg of reaction force is applied until it stops. This force can easily be absorbed by an operator handling the tool and therefore he is always in control.

Low rotation speed

As can be viewed on the Power Wrench demo video, the Power Wrench rotates at a relatively low speed, which is comfortable, safe and still many times higher than the speed which can be reached by operating the valve manually.

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