Posted on 31 December 2014

Ensure an up-to-date administration when installing valve interlocks

Record the progress of the installation in the LOIS (Lock Order Information Sheet) in order to keep an overview and to ensure the information about the interlocked systems in the MRO database is up-to-date. During installing and commissioning the LOIS should be continuously updated with installation status, commissioning status and any technical comments that may apply. Add system names, areas, units and valve information like brand name and pressure class whenever this is missing in the original document.

  • Make sure to bring back locks and fitting materials to the warehouse that are not installed and clearly mark this in the LOIS as well. By doing so, an in-depth document is being created that gives a clear overview of the installed interlock scope for future reference.
  • The updated LOIS is to be inserted into the MRO database, which will be very useful during upcoming stops or repair issues. Ideally, the updated LOIS is fed back to the interlock manufacturer, who keeps a global administration of all installed serial numbers. Complete information about the installed base allows the interlock supplier to offer proper advice about replacements or how to handle possible issues during use.

This post covers part of the content on 10 factors that determine a succesful installation of valve interlocks. If you are interested, please inform us and we will send you a white paper on this subject (PDF).

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