Site Services

Apart from maintenance programs, Netherlocks also offers various other site services for your valve interlock needs.

Valve interlock installatiion can be done by experienced Netherlocks service engineers

Netherlocks service engineers assist in measuring the valves, guaranteeing a perfect fit and preventing any delays caused by a supply of incomplete or incorrect information

Measuring valve topwork data

Netherlocks interlocks are easy to install provided that an accurate collection of valve topwork details is available. Our Netherlocks service engineers assist in measuring the valves, guaranteeing a perfect fit and preventing any delays caused by a supply of incomplete or incorrect information.

Interlock installation and commissioning

Our service engineers are specialists in mounting interlocks. They guarantee that all Netherlocks interlocks are installed according the specified sequence. If required, our engineers also supervise local employees or even commission the job themselves to make sure the installation is done correctly. For smooth installation, Netherlocks designed a Q-card to guarantee an installation process without interruption.

Emergency call out and repair

A call out contract ensures valve interlocks systems are back up and running with the shortest possible delay. Our service engineers will be directly available for any technical assitance related to valve interlocks.

Stand by and turnaround services

Plant turnarounds can mean costly lost production. When planning turnarounds on installations equiped with valve interlocks, it is therefore advised to incorporate the assistance of certified Netherlocks service engineers. They have international experience in plant turnarounds and provide professional and hands-on assistence on installing and setting valve interlocks. This will increase efficiency and reduce downtime.

Installation supervision and on-site training

Our service engineers can supervise the installation of Netherlocks valve interlocks and provide on-site training courses for valve technicians, practising basic skills on installing, setting and troubleshooting valve interlocks.

Sequence design and technical seminars

Over the years, Netherlocks has designed numerous valve interlock solutions to guide operators through a predefined valve operating sequence. As our valve interlock specialists have many years of experience, they can design detailed valve interlocked sequences for nearly all valve operations. Technical seminars provide insight into the purpose and scope of valve interlocks and focus on how valve interlock products can eliminate human error in valve operations.