FAQ Process Interlocking

How is the lock mounted?

We have a mounting set consisting of an adapter and bracket, the adapter connects the rotating part of the valve (spindle or stem) with the rotating part of the lock (the tube). The bracket connects the static part of the valve (top flange or bonnet) with the static part of the lock (lock body) Both parts are custom made to the valve and we need detailed topwork info to manufacture. You can use pictures from our brochure to explain. No welding or grinding is required and we do not touch the pressure containing parts so the characteristics of the valve remain.

What about the existing hand wheel/lever?

We replace original hand wheel or lever with our lock including new hand wheel or lever. This new hand wheel or lever has the same size as the original so characteristics of the valve remain. Our new hand wheel or lever is standard stainless steel so most likely higher quality than original!

Can you mount a lock to any valve?

Yes, we have 3 standard type of locks, a MRL-S and MRL-L for hand wheel operated valves (gate, globe, gear operated) and a NDL for lever operated valves. As described above the mounting set is custom made to the valve so we can make it fit to any size of valve. The difference is that the NDL is set at 0-90 degrees to lock open – close and a MRL has an internal counting mechanism to lock the valve at a set point for one for open and one for close. You never know how many turns a hand wheel operated valve makes so therefore we have this mechanism. Advantage is that this mechanism can also be re-set in case amount of turns change throughout the years because of wear and tear or dirt in the valve! If it concerns a very small valve we use our bolt lock to design a custom made solution, see below examples.

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What happens when you loose a key?

As a rule not many keys are lost since they are kept orderly in the control room. In case a key get lost, we offer a few options.

  • We can supply a master key or a group master key for urgent operation! A group master key is a master key for only part of the plant
  • Netherlocks keeps track of all lock serial numbers and corresponding key codes. Based on the lock or valve tag number we can manufacture a new key and ship it within 1-2 days (keys are on stock, we only need to make the key codes)

How many different key codes can Netherlocks produce?

We have more than 2000 different codes available! As keys travel between locks you might not need 2 keys per valve but maybe 5 keys for 4 valves. We can easily supply unique keys for projects up to 2500 locks!

Of what material is the Netherlocks interlock made?

All parts are stainless steel 316! This is our standard. Next to that we eliminated grease from our locks and added a PTFE layer to the moving components. Grease can only attract dirt and get dried out so this is a significant improvement compared to other locking suppliers.

Is it possible to use a wheel spanner on a lock?

As we do not change the characteristics of the valve you can still use a spanner after installation of our locks. Please note that using a spanner is often not supported by the valve supplier!

Who mounts the locks?

Although mounting a Netherlocks interlock is simple, we do advise to make use of our team of service specialists. Especially on large projects we advice supervision by a Netherlocks supervisor. We have a dedicated team of service professionals who can carry out measurements, mount locks, supervise workers or commission the job locally.

Can Netherlocks implement large scale projects?

Netherlocks is a renowned supplier of interlocks. We have ample experience in executing large projects worldwide. Our service engineering team is also very experienced in obtaining all required valve topwork dimensions and we have a built up a large archive of valve topworks. In the last few years we have handled several project for 1000+ locks, in most cases we also provided the service to supervise installation of our locks on site.

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