Compact Key Cabinet Process Interlocking

The Compact Key Cabinet offers an immediate visual identification of the status of the valves and related systems. The Compact Key Cabinet is available in different sizes and is wall mounted by standard. Pedestals in various sizes can be delivered as an option. Each key position is hard-coded so each interlocked system has a dedicated spot in the cabinet. Keys belonging to a specific interlock system can only be inserted in key position dedicated for that system.

Compact Key Cabinet characteristics

  • Stores operating keys of interlocked systems
  • Dedicated, uniquely coded key positions
  • Tagplates in cabinet indicate system status when key is absent
  • Tagplates of inserted keys indicate system status due to diagonal key entry
  • Lockable, transparent door
Compact Key Cabinet for valve interlocks

Clear information about the lock system and safety procedures enhances productivity and improves plant safety

Electronic Key Cabinet (EKC)

Various electronic components are added to a key cabinet, in order to increase the communication and authorization possibilities. These options can be offered separately or combined.

Download Netherlocks CKC/EKC product sheet