Mechanical valve interlocks Process Interlocking

Netherlocks valve interlocks eliminate human error by only allowing the right valves to be opened or closed in the correct sequence, leading operators safely through strict work procedures. Once the proper steps have been identified Netherlocks will supply mechanical valve interlocks that can be operated by means of  a linear key. A Netherlocks valve interlock guides the operator through a predefined sequence with unique keys for each step.

Valve interlock on pressure safety valves

Netherlocks valve interlocks perform under the toughest conditions for extensive
periods of time

The principle of mechanical key interlocking is the transfer of keys. Each lock is executed with two keys, one for the locked open position and one for the locked closed position. When the valve is open the ‘open’  key can be released and transferred to another lock with the same code. All keys are unique and depending on the sequence Netherlocks will determine the codes to guarantee the required sequence.

Netherlocks valve interlocks; proven track record

Netherlocks has a proven track record with projects in a variety of locations both on and off-shore. Every safety procedure we implement is unique and Netherlocks will always provide a custom made solution.

“Netherlocks has installed many interlocks to our PSV installations. Valve interlocks avoid dangerous situations, by blocking off the operating PSV until similar relief capacity has been connected to the system”

Michel Immerzeel, Team Leader Mechanical, Shin-Etsu B.V.

Integrated electronics combined with valve interlocks

Netherlocks has ample experience in integrating sophisticated electronics into mechanical valve interlock sequences, such as an electro-mechanical control cabinet in combination with a valve interlock system for pigging processes. The use of electro-mechanical safety systems and key interlocking processes allows the potential risk of human error to be eliminated.

Customized products

Every safety procedure is unique and therefore we will always provide a custom-made solution to guarantee a proper science of operation. Our extensive valve interlock product range always allow to safeguard even the most complex sequences.