Electronic Key Cabinet Process Interlocking

Various electronic components are added to a key cabinet, in order to increase the communication and authorization possibilities. These options can be offered separately or combined.

  • Similar design as Compact Key Cabinet (CKC)
  • Uniquely coded key positions
  • Provides digital information about presence of keys, indicating valve position and system status
  • Enables electronic authorization for key release, from PLC or DCS
  • Lights visually indicate whether keys can be taken from the cabinet

Key management solution

The key management solution is added to a traditional Compact Key Cabinet. It consists of an integrated PC, dedicated software and a touch screen. Sensors are added to detect key presence. Optionally, solenoids retain individual keys. The solution enables authorized valve operation and tracks valve interlock keys once they are taken from the key cabinet. It also enables valve operation to be integrated into systems of planning and maintenance.

Key detection

Sensors detect the presence of keys in thecabinet. This signal is forwarded to the DCS, providing information about the valve position andthe status of the interlocked system. The digital signal about key presence offers system status information to the DCS or SIS. This option also offers an alternative to conventional valve position indicators.

valve interlock electronic key cabinet

An Electronic Key Cabinet enables integration of a stand-alone interlocking system into the overall process control system (DCS) or process safety system (SIS)

Authorized key release

Solenoids trap the keys in the cabinet until they are authorized to release the keys. This authorization may be based on system parameters, such as pressure, MOV positions or simply by pushing a remote button.

Visual operator guidance

Illuminated push buttons offer guidance to an operator. They illuminate only when a key is authorized to be released from the cabinet. An EKC enables integration of a stand-alone interlocking system into the overall process control system (DCS) or process safety system (SIS). Thus both manual and automated process operations are part of one integral system for control and safety.

Download Netherlocks CKC/EKC product sheet