Posted on 15 February 2016

New video explains basics of valve interlocks

A new video on valve interlocks has just been published on the Netherlocks YouTube channel. The video graphically explains how valve interlocks are used to secure safe valve operations in oil & gas and the petrochemical industry.

Basics of valve interlocks

Pressure safety valves

The video starts with a brief introduction on the main purpose of valve interlocks; to improve process safety by preventing incorrect valve operation. Next, it explains the main differences between valve interlocks and LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out) products, that only assure personal safety. After showing how valve interlocks are installed permanently on valves, it reveals the functionalty of valve interlocks by means of an animated pressure safety switchover procedure. In this example, valve interlocks guarantee that one pressure safety valve (PSV) is online at all times, while the outlet can only be closed when the inlet is closed. The video ends with a summary of operations which are secured by valve interlocks, like pipeline pigging.