Posted on 18 February 2013

Compliance with new BSEE regulations for offshore drilling from Netherlocks

The Interlock System Information (ISI) Touch Screen from Netherlocks enables offshore oil and gas facilities to comply with new mandatory guidelines from the American Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE).


ISI Touch Screen displays required safety and environmental information

The ISI Touch Screen stores all relevant information about interlocks, flow charts, instrument diagrams and other plant specific information in a central place, as required by the mandatory BSEE regulations. It is used in conjunction with Netherlocks key interlocking systems, integrating into the key cabinet or mounting separately. Combined with the Netherlocks key interlocking system, ISI eliminates human error and clearly displays information about each specific key and its corresponding interlock. Information is easily accessible to every operator in every location.


The regulations are part of the Workplace Safety Rule on Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS), which covers all offshore oil and gas operations in federal waters. SEMS also mandates the previously voluntary requirement that facilities develop and maintain a Safety and Environmental Management System as outlined in the American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice 75 (RP 75). This includes making safety and environmental information available at every facility, including design data, flow charts of facility processes, and diagrams of mechanical components and instruments.