What our clients are saying about us

SBM Offshore

“Netherlocks has supplied manual valve interlocks for many of our FPSO’s. They provided excellent support, from specification to delivery and final installation of our projects. Due to their extensive experience, Netherlocks is considered by SBM to be a key player in the interlocking market.”

Engineering Team Topside SBM Offshore (USA)


Netherlocks has installed many interlocks to our PSV installations. Valve interlocks avoid dangerous situations, by blocking off the operating PSV until similar relief capacity has been connected to the system”

Michel Immerzeel, Team Leader Mechanical, Shin-Etsu B.V.

Sabic Europe

“The Netherlocks Power Wrench is a great device for us, because we can open and close our manually operated valves much more quickly and safely. The tool is a safe device, for it can only be operated with both hands. It allows me to do my job faster and more easily – which is great because I’m not that young anymore.”

G. Knepper, Dayshift Operator, HDPE Polymers – Production, SABIC Europe B.V.

“Previously, our valves were being opened and closed manually by our operators. This resulted in injuries such as stiff, sore and strained backs, shoulders and arms. Using the Power Wrench, these injuries are now no longer an issue. Sabic’s relationship with Netherlocks is very good. The people at Netherlocks are cooperative and always look for a suitable solution for the various valve safety issues we experience at Sabic. We already use Netherlocks interlocks, and the Power Wrench is yet another typical example of a product that perfectly suits our requirements.”

J. Habets, Senior Dayshift Operator, HDPE Polymers – Production, SABIC Europe B.V.