Netherlocks internship programs

Netherlocks continously seeks to structurally integrate teams of interns within the organisation. Because of the broad range and diversity of activities, interns are needed with a background in one or more of these fields:

  • Product development & design (Autodesk Inventor);
  • Mechatronics;
  • Materials technology;
  • Manufacturing engineering;
  • Market and application research (product features, needs, specifications, in cooperation with sales & customers);
  • Market research and marketing support;
  • Concept development (incl. specification & certification where needed);
  • Product testing & validation (prototyping, concept & product).

Netherlocks Internship Innovation Program

Netherlocks, as a part of the HALMA group of companies has an ‘outside-in’ approach to new product development, in which it strongly focusses on multidisciplinary, multi-party co-developments. This concerns our customers, suppliers, (international) sister companies, and where needed other institutions or universities.

Taking into account the multiple existing programs in the different product groups, different internship assignments can be created ranging from front-end concept development up to more downstream product development, manufacturing engineering and marketing. As a result of the business development approach at Netherlocks, the opportunities for a variety of tailored internship assignments are numerous.

Netherlocksvalve  interlocks for pressure safety valves

Assignments range from front-end concept development up to more downstream product development, manufacturing engineering and marketing

Because of the structural embedding of team of interns in the Netherlocks organization, there will be a focus on a team-based approach in which different specializations are present. As a Netherlocks intern, you have your own separate specialization and in the meantime also have the opportunity to develop personal skills in a team based environment.

Internship Company of the Year

In 2014, Netherlocks reached second place on the prestigious Dutch ‘Internship Company of the Year‘ competition, running up with companies as Shell, Strukton, Landall Greenparks and Erasmus Medical Centre.

For more information on Netherlocks internship programs please contact Stefan van Diessen or find out about the experiences of interns at Netherlocks.