About Netherlocks

Netherlocks is a premium supplier of industrial valve safety products such as valve interlocks, valve position indicators, partial stroke testing devices and portable valve actuators. Our greatest strength is in providing simple and reliable custom-made products.

What our clients are saying about us

Agent Conference offered valuable insights on Netherlocks innovations

The Netherlocks Agent Conference 2014, held last April 14 and 15 in The Netherlands, offered plenty of new insights on Netherlocks product developments and new product innovations. The two day conference, which was organised for Netherlocks global agents and distributors, also allowed for discussing market trends and future developments on valve safety and valve control.

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To better solutions for valve position indicating

In the process industry, awareness of the valve status is essential to avoid injury and equipment damage. A recent market research conducted by Netherlocks, revealed that many companies apply self-made or ‘bracket type’ solutions for valve position indication. As a standard, they experience serious issues with the use of these kinds of solution. What are the alternatives to self-made position indicators and how do they perform in terms of quality and cost effectiveness?

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Improving process safety: coupling mechanical safety systems with DCS and SIS (part 2)

In a series of 2, this infographic shows how mechanical valve interlocks can be integrated within DCS and SIS. In particlular, it reveals how variables such as H2S and pressure levels can be linked to interlocking systems for pigging operations. 

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Towards more integrated safety of pigging operations

Especially for pigging operations, integrating the characteristics of purely mechanical interlocks into new electronically powered solutions for control and safety can create a higher overall process safety level.

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Improving process safety: coupling mechanical safety systems with DCS and SIS

In order to establish integrated safety in manual and automated operations, mechanical valve interlocks have to be linked to DCS and SIS. This infographic (in a series of 2) shows how both manual and automated process operations can be part of an integral system for control and safety.

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